We founded Confiant (then ClarityAd) in September 2013. It came out of a recognition that the world’s most sophisticated advertisers aren’t Verizon or P&G, but criminals using the industry for their own, selfish ends. We believe in the intelligent application of technology to fight back and make media safe for everyone.


Louis-David Mangin

Co-Founder & CEO

Confiant is the sixth startup Louis-David (“LD”) has been a part of and the second he cofounded. When not busy keeping the Confiant team aligned and caffeinated, LD is most likely planning his next offshore sailing adventure or working on his yoga headstands.

Jerome Dangu

Co-Founder & CTO

Jerome has had a keen interest in computer security ever since he started coding in his childhood. When he's not building another wild proof of concept, he might be found struggling at the piano or goofing with his daughter.


Our team shares a core set of values that bind us together and aligns us on our vision of making digital media safe. We get excited when we can take on big challenges, big competitors, and big technical problems. We take the time to explore and understand our client's real underlying problems so we can find the right solution. We believe that the only way to achieve great things is with a team that works closely together and recognizes that as a group we are greater than the sum of each part. We believe in using automation in ways that are progressively effective and efficient. We believe in sustainable growth, so we can stand on our own feet. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!