Confiant stops bad ads in their tracks, ensuring the wheels
of your business keep turning.

Keep the revenue flowing

Confiant’s always-on technology detects security, functionality, and compliance issues before they get in the way of campaigns.

Keep your pubs happy

Instant alerts keep you in the know so you can block bad ads before they endanger your partners, their audiences, and your reputation.

Get more done

Confiant is designed for easy integration and low maintenance, so you can focus engineering resources on your core roadmap.

Better technology means better coverage

Confiant takes a fundamentally different approach to finding and eliminating bad ads. As a result, our solution enables you to do things that others can’t.

Eliminate a full range of annoyances

Our fully customizable rules engine goes beyond malware, allowing you to detect and block forceful redirects, in-banner video (IBV), fake surveys, ad stacking & cookie stuffing, pop-ups/unders, auto-playing video and audio, and more.

Check every last bid response

Confiant combines ad scanning, impression telemetry and domain analysis into a database of threats you can query in under a millisecond. That means you can check every last bid response in real-time. Plus, because the database stretches across all our clients, you’ll be wise to potential problems long before they reach your front door.

Precision blocking based on publisher business rules

Because every supply partner has different needs, Confiant enables you to validate creatives in a bid response against each of your publishers’ business rules -- all in real time.