Powerful protection for
publishers on the front line

Though malvertising affects the whole industry, it’s
publishers who have the most to lose.

Safeguard your rep

Confiant stops malware and dozens of other annoyances that put your audience and reputation in harm’s way.

Shield your yield

Confiant empowers you to eliminate bad ads with speed and precision (so the good ads stay up and your revenue keeps flowing.)

Save time & resources

Confiant saves your team hundreds of hours a year tracking down issues and badgering your upstream partners to fix them.

Next-gen control for the ad operations professional

Confiant was built for the programmatic era, so it takes a new approach to eliminating bad ads. The result is more control for you and significantly broader threat detection.

Block bad ads without killing the whole tag

With Confiant, you’re no longer beholden to your exchange/SSP to fix a bad ad. Find a problem and block it immediately, without having to kill the whole ad tag, and without having to wait for your partner to understand and fix the problem.

Check every last impression

Other solutions sample only a small subset of your inventory, leaving vast swaths of ads unchecked. Confiant lives inside your impression stream, combining ad scanning, impression telemetry, and domain analysis to identify a broader set of threats.

Eliminate the full range of user annoyances

Our fully customizable rules engine goes beyond malware, allowing you to detect and block forceful redirects, in-banner video (IBV), fake surveys, ad stacking & cookie stuffing, pop-ups/unders, auto-playing video and audio, and more.

Easy integration, maximum compatibility

Confiant's products fit seamlessly into your
workflow and technical stack.

One click DFP integration

DFP Premium customers can use Confiant quickly and easily through the Creative Wrapper functionality.

Support your header bidding

Confiant is compatible with all current and future header bidding configurations.

Works with non-programmatic

Target Confiant’s technology to programmatic ad tags, non-programmatic, or both.

Desktop, mobile, video

Confiant works with all types of inventory, across multiple platforms, and standards.